After years of family and friends telling me I should write a book on parenting/cooking/crafty stuff/relationships/entertaining and just the kind of wisdom you     gather like a warm blanket around you when the days grow chill, I thought I would – if only to spare my Facebook friends from the onslaught of daily posts.  I do not hold myself out as an expert in anything, but I had the good fortune of having a life with just enough adversity to be character forming, or maybe just made me into a character. From hunting wild leeks (a/k/a ramps) and puffballs with my father to raising two children virtually alone, you learn a thing or two about survival, growing, and appreciating every silver drop of happiness that falls into your outstretched hands. I hope you will find something here that will encourage you, make your life easier, or convince you to try something new in the kitchen, allow you to enjoy your time with your children even more, and reaffirm the joy of life.


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