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Exploring and strengthening relationships.


I know personally two women who fled abusive partners the only way they thought possible, by literally leaving with what they and the children could collect and pack in the car in a couple of hours. They returned weeks or … Continue reading

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No Filter

Most of this originated as a euology for my father, Norman Smith, who passed away two years ago a the age of 80. We had a complicated relationship. He was my biggest fan and harshest critic. He was my hero … Continue reading

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The Only Honest Mother

There was a stereotype of my generation, probably others too; she was called the “Jewish Mother” but it included Italian, Irish Catholic or Eastern European mothers as well. She was the mother who hovered over her adult children like an … Continue reading


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In Defense of Genteel Speech

I get it that some of your friends think you are funny as hell, that you have an acerbic wit, a dark or ribald sense of humor. I understand you grew up where life is faster, edgier; that you have … Continue reading

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