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Embracing both the hard scrabble self sufficiency and resilience of my ancestors and the burgeoning Information Age to help make family experience richer, healthier and happier. Maturity does not mean I cannot approach every day with the same excitement I felt as I swung my skinny legs over my bike on a summer morning, bag lunch in my basket, for a day of riding and hiking the woods and fields around my home in upstate New York or went blackberry picking in the heavy cicada song drenched afternoons at my grandmother's in Kentucky. Let's explore!

My Presidential Address

Originally posted on Why We Blog:
Obviously, I’d be voted out of office after my first term for being too centrist. I. My fellow Americans. We live in troubled times. America is at a crossroads. Rarely, have we faced bigger…

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The hall at the bottom of the stairs

People say “I got hit and I turned out ok”. We are all right – but only after doing the hard work of healing ourselves from those invisible wounds, picking up the pieces after broken relationships, depression, and addictions. We are strong in our taped-back-togetherness, but we lived a childhood and young adulthood in which we were never as whole and happy as we could have been. Continue reading

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Woodland Shortbread: Two Recipes for Foraged Fir Biscuits

“For the first time since he had entered Narnia he saw the dark green of a fir tree.” Since childhood, I’ve had a powerful affection for conifers. Growing up in Saskatchewan, thes… Source: Woodland Shortbread: Two Recipes for Foraged Fir … Continue reading

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Good Morning Sunshine!

“Wake up, little rosebud. Time to rise and shine!” So went my early morning wake-up routine with the kids ( Well, at least on the mornings that didn’t start with, ” Oh crap! The alarm didn’t go off. Get up … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Do Pirate Festivals

The little village I where I live is on the Erie Canal. Main Street struggles mightily to stay afloat with a few eateries, local small business and second hand, antique and consignment shops. The local Chamber of Commerce, bless their hearts, is doing … Continue reading

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I know personally two women who fled abusive partners the only way they thought possible, by literally leaving with what they and the children could collect and pack in the car in a couple of hours. They returned weeks or … Continue reading

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Defending our human-ness

I wrote this as a message for the congregation of my church, but it really is simply about being in community, being part of the human race. It seems appropriate to share in this season of so much that challenges … Continue reading

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No Filter

Most of this originated as a euology for my father, Norman Smith, who passed away two years ago a the age of 80. We had a complicated relationship. He was my biggest fan and harshest critic. He was my hero … Continue reading

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I think the golden years are when you start to think about your legacy not in terms of wanting people to love you, but that they know unequivocally how very much you loved them.

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The Only Honest Mother

The Only Honest Mother.

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