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Nana and Grandpa’s Let’s Go Bag

I confess. I may not exhibit full-blown OCD, but I definitely lean that way. I sort my M&Ms by color and then eat them so as to even out the piles. I stack silverware in the tray. Open dresser drawers … Continue reading

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Here in Upstate New York, one of the earliest festivals for us non-winter-sports folk is Maple Fest. In late winter/early spring the sap in the living, growing part of the sugar maple trees just under the bark, encouraged by the … Continue reading

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Weeknight Skillet Supper

Brussels sprouts, bacon, apples and pumpkin seeds. I recently decided to make a concerted effort to drop a few pounds by avoiding most foods made with flour (bread, pasta,snack foods, baked sweets, cereal), potatoes and sugar. Luckily I enjoy novel … Continue reading

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